Abuse prevention

If you have ever been verbally or physically abused by a domestic partner or spouse and you’re not sure what to do then you need to read this article. Whether your male or female – domestic abuse is very real problem today. Often the victims fear calling the police because they are humiliated or simply afraid that they themselves may be arrested.

Abusers often know the system and may also provide the police with false reports to avoid arrest. In fact you may end the one arrested if the police fail to do a thorough investigation.  Victims need to know that the police are just one of several routes you may take to get the peace and protection you deserve.  Often times an experience abuse prevention attorney can file timely court documents to have the abuser removed from the household the very same day, without any police involvement.  In addition to obtaining a restraining order, your attorney may ask the court for all relocation costs you’ve incurred as a result of the abuse. Your attorney may also file criminal charges through a criminal complaint process for charges such as assault and battery, harassment, extortion or false imprisonment.

If you’re not quite ready to go through the legal prevention process and you feel your partner is worth another chance then there are non-legal routes as well.  A strong warning letter from your attorney may be enough to prevent further abuse or it may force your partner into a more meaningful dialogue before further action such as divorce proceedings, restraining orders or criminal prosecution is needed.  Whatever your specific circumstance may be no one should be subjected to fear and abuse in their own home. Unfortunately a lot of folks today lack the knowledge or simply fear the legal process itself. The result of course is that the abuser feels empowered and the abuse often gets worse. Don’t settle for being an abuse victim, call an experienced abuse prevention attorney to help guide you through your legal rights and end the cycle of abuse.

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