How to file your own criminal complaints

Michael Rodney St Louis Esq.

Written by: Criminal Defense Attorney

Reasons why, steps involved and what to expect in court

1.  Why should you file your own criminal complaint ?

Justice for victims is not always served! Why ? because the police, prosecutors and the judicial system are grossly understaffed and not adequately funded to deal with the current case load. If your a victim, and the police have not adequately investigated your case, or worse have no bothered to file criminal charges when probable cause exists! Take matters into your own hands and file a civilian criminal complaint at the clerks office.

2.  Steps and requirements

(a.) File a police incident report (b.) Gather and determine whether you have a reasonable amount of evidence beyond just “he said,she said” to prove a crime was committed against you. (c.) File a criminal complaint form at your the local District court where the offense took place. (d.) Appear at the show cause hearing and present your witnesses and/or evidence to the clerk magistrate. There are no formal rules of evidence at a show cause hearing. This means that hearsay is allowed. You may also bring your own stenographer to create a record. Be prepared and have a legal strategy to prove your case. If possible, hire a competent attorney to attend this hearing to help assure charges are issued against the perpetrators.

Additional Resources

How to file a criminal complain


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